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Lots of people can no longer work in their previous jobs for a variety of reasons. To be able to reintegrate successfully in the employment market, some people will need a traineeship period to increase their capacity to work, or simply to "relearn" the skills necessary to accomplish a normal working day. Some people have been forced to retrain and are therefore looking for an apprenticeship. Other people who are refugees or migrants simply need a chance to make a fresh start.

Unfortunately, not many companies offer such traineeships or positions, as there is often anxiety associated with such social contact. As a result, about a third of all traineeship applicants will not find a suitable placement, leading to increased personal suffering, immediate family hardship and state welfare expenditure.

This is where JCI4Jobs comes to the fore

We offer you, as a company, a platform on which you can offer such jobs and traineeships in an extremely straightforward manner. By using our platform, you will be showing your support for people experiencing hardship and championing the employability of people after a crisis, while networked with trusted partner organisations and the authorities.

JCI4Jobs not only offers job postings, but also serves as a network for our partner organisations who wish to place people in such jobs. In addition, we will also offer employment readiness courses. Under the "Back2Work" programme, we will train adults in their job application skills to achieve a successful job search. In bringing supply and demand together, we are establishing a central jobs platform for Switzerland.

This has several advantages: on the one hand, both sides can rest assured that they will be dealing with a dependable partner, and on the other, the workload for both companies and coaches will be lessened.

Become active and post job your vacancy descriptions!

You'd like to become involved? You'll find details of how to join our JCI4Jobs network and the prerequisites for doing so on the "This is how it works" tab.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to discuss things with experienced providers?

Simply drop us a line in the contact field and we'll get back to you. Your involvement is important to us!

Contact: Claudia Hirsig
Email: jci4jobs@jci.ch



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