This is how it works

Our platform serves as a network for job placements.


  1. Registration / Initial login
    • As a member of JCI Switzerland, please activate the "" option in your profile on the intranet
    • Then log in to using your intranet login details
    • Your company profile will now be active and you will be able to enter your own job descriptions and view job advertisements
    • If you have no intranet profile or are not yet a member of JCI, you can complete your initial registration by going to Registration instead of logging in
    • Once your profile has been reviewed, you will be granted authorisation to access the jobs administration section
  2. Record a job vacancy
    • Click on the "Member" button in the footer section
    • Select Job Ads at the top of the menu
    • Click onto "+" for a new entry
    • Choose the type of job vacancy that you wish to offer
    • Fill in all the fields, if possible
    • Important: enter the publication date
    • Save, to complete the process
    • Your entry will be published
  3. Editing or deletion of job descriptions
    • You will be able to view your positions vacant on the Job Ads page
    • The traffic light indicator on the left (green/red) will indicate whether your ad has been published
    • The PDF icon on the right enables you to upload a PDF job advertisement
    • Simply select the hand symbol to edit, or the X to delete your job description
    • Save any changes after editing, or confirm the deletion


  1. Registration / Initial login
    • As a partner, you can register by clicking on the Register button
    • After an internal review of your profile, you will be granted access to the job vacancies database
  2. Placement of job applicants
    • You can search for traineeships, apprenticeships and job vacancies from among the positions vacant on the navigation bar
    • Filters can also be used to narrow your search to a specific industry, time period, workload or region
    • The job vacancy, employer and any additional information like prerequisites, work environment and work activities will be displayed
    • The contact details of the employer will be automatically displayed
  3. Company profile
    • After activation, please describe your company as comprehensively as possible
    • Our partners are displayed on our website!